Warrior, General Crewman on the Black Lass


Jak is one of the younger crewmates aboard the ‘Lass. He is a native of Ferelden, hailing from Denerim. The best friend of Darro, he and Jak often take each other up on (stupid) dares that inevitably end up with one or both of them in trouble.

Jak doesn’t do it maliciously; he’s just playing along. He’s a little too easygoing, and he loves his liquor a little too much. His baby face and lopsided grin have gotten him out of trouble more than a few times. He has a thing for Chayand and for Tamarind, but neither lady seems interested.

He’s been with the crew for about half a year now, being the most recent addition. He doesn’t really talk about his family – if indeed he has any – in Denerim.


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