Fric and Frack

Engineers, Repairmen, and Artificers of the Black Lass


Fraternal twins, they were born in Orzammar as Casteless – the lowest of the low. In a society where skill won’t get you far if you’ve got the wrong lineage, our twins were doomed to live a life as beggars, or worse, as thugs for the Carta, the ancient, dwarven crime syndicate.

So they left. They won’t say what drove them topside, or what could have possibly forced dwarves – who find it strange enough to not have a ceiling above them – to forego the solid Stone beneath them. Anyone who knows dwarves would know that for a dwarf to cut off all ties to the earth is a dire act of desperation, on both a psychological and spiritual level.

That said, they are AMAZING tinkerers and artificers. They can drink you under the table and kick your ass at gambling, too!

Which one is Fric and which one is Frack changes on a day-to-day basis. Even Bathia doesn’t know which is which. Their loyalty, though, is unquestionable. They have faithfully served on board the ‘Lass for years.

Fric and Frack

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