Bathia the Black

Captain of the Strangest and Best Crew Ever


Captain of the Black Lass.

She’s originally from Treviso, north of Antiva City. She grew up the third child of a poor household, the daughter of a very stern man. She learned a sense of right and wrong through him, and decided that she would change her lot in life. More than that, she would not tolerate being held back by people who claimed to take the high ground, all the while being morally corrupt and evil at heart.

She became a pirate – but not just any pirate. She would not join the Felicisima Armada and terrorize every ship she encountered; there were good, hard-working people on the sea. Instead, she would target the corrupt and ill-intentioned and teach them a Lesson.

She and her crew work by a strange code: the crew is family, and you do not take advantage of family. When on a mission, you do not kill, unless you absolutely must. And every hit they perform is meant to be a lesson to the victim.

Are they rich? God, no. But are they happy? One wonders if one has ever seen happier.


Bathia the Black

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