Bard and General Crew on the Black Lass


The son of a bard and a poor shepherdess, Andric was born with a wanderlust and a love of music. He is quick to share a story or a song, and keeps his lute with him at all times. His stories run the gamut from simple tales of his own childhood to grand, sweeping tales sung by the finest performers. He has a wry sense of humor and is generally very easy to get along with. Tamarind especially agrees; he and the elf have been lovers for years.

While he loves sharing tales, he is very protective of information given to him; while other members of the ship may speak more freely, Andric will safeguard any secret given to him.

Andric has been with Bathia’s crew for about five years. He loves seeing new places and learning new stories, as well as taking part in the creation of the Black Lass’s legend.


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