Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session Five

Wherein alliances are broken and potentially forged.

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…

…they had gone to bed, safe and sound in the house of Prince Enzo d’Matteucci.


Telan, having been pulled into the Fade, wandered towards the Black City, as he always did when the Fade claimed him. True to form, it stayed forever distant. As he traveled, he felt a strange tug at his senses, a dream within a dream. Fighting it only at first, he eventually gave in and let it take over him. And he dreamed…

…of Inda. Telan sat in a fine garden on a summer’s day, on a picnic with the elfin woman. A luck charm — the one he’d found on her body, now recognized as an item made by him, and certainly for her — was between them. Inda closed her hand over it, giving Telan a warm smile.

The world shifted to another scene, then, but Inda’s face remained turned towards him. They were in some sort of sparse, brick hall, standing some distance from each other, both with wands in their hands. Some sort of magical practice. Inda smiled at him as they both raised their wands…and the world shifted again.

Now they were back to back, surrounded by people in dark leather armor. There were other allies there, too, fighting against these mysterious men. Telan looked over his shoulder to check on Inda, as she turned to look at him. Their eyes locked yet again…

Telan awoke, then, returned to the waking world, on the floor of the men’s guest quarters. Telan explained his odd disappearance, noting that while the disappearance was common for him, it was odd for anyone to have noticed the absence; it was like, for a time, he was erased from existing in that moment. It was also odd for him to “follow” the others — he was used to reappearing in the same place he’d left.

With our heroes reunited, they gathered for breakfast, an extravagent meal that seemed more a boast of the Prince’s wealth than anything. Notably, Calder specifically avoided the excess, choosing instead a simple porridge.

During breakfast, a message arrived for Ralath, along with clothing that he’d “left” at the White Pearl and a secret message from Joya Da’finescu. Nothing had been discovered, she wrote in code; but she would keep him informed.

Final provisions were seen to, and then our heroes set out for Antiva City.

They arrived in the glorious city of Antiva on Firstfall 7 – the final night of the festival of Satinalia, and what a party was being had!


Bennet was recognized as he shopped, and not one but two angry woman came up and slapped the poor fellow! Repeatedly! (And deservedly!)


He seemed to get this a lot.

Our heroes made their way to the Jester and Cup, the inn where the courier was supposed to be staying. After scoping out the inn (and after Telan drew a little too much attention his way), Calder took the mage to the Ruby Angel, a local brothel, to give the Circle Mage the kind of education that one only ever got in utmost secret back in the Circle Towers.

Meanwhile, having located Alonse, their target, Bennet drew the courier’s attention while Ralath sneaked up to the stranger’s room to have a look around. Finding nothing important, he returned to the common room.

Telan and Calder eventually returned to the Jester and Cup; Bennet, meanwhile, continued to befriend the courier and discovered that the young man was none other than the once-heir to the disgraced Merchant House, and brother to Joya.

Our heroes gathered in Alonse’s room under the guise of private gambling, and there shared what they knew. It was revealed that the “travel tokens” our heroes were given were little more than trinkets in a child’s game of Fegs. (Y’all were basically given POGS slammers.) Our heroes determined that both they and Alonse were being set up; the young man suggested they find their way to a safehouse.

Choices needed to be made: whether to go to the safehouse or not. Whether to let this meeting play out or not. Whether to whisk Alonse safely away from Antiva or keep him hidden in plain sight. Whether to help him reclaim his lost heritage or not – and how to do that, if they chose to do so…

To Be Continued!

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Session Music:

1. The Incredible Hulk OST: Rochinha Favela.
Our heroes make their way to Antiva City, there to find Alonse and all the accompanying troubles.

2. Witch hunter Robin OST: Plot
Our heroes have found Alonse…and now have to decide what to do about him.



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