The Rohart Family

“Though it may be the smallest of bannorns, you’ll not find a braver, sturdier folk. Salt of the earth, these are the people whose fathers’ fathers fought and died for the right to spend their lives working their lands — a right worth protecting for all. And protect they did, from father to son, mother to daughter, a duty to serve, protect, and work alongside the everyman. Generations ago, we chose the Roharts to lead us because, just as the first stone set to sod in this land, that great family is our foundation, too.” – Grandfather Thratcher of First Stone

The Rohart family is among the oldest bloodlines First Stone can claim. They started out simply — soldiers, protectors, farmers — a kind-hearted family that always protected its neighbors and helped those who were unable to help themselves. It is no surprise that the family was elevated to the Bannship. And since then, due to that tradition passed from generation to generation, the people have had no reason to consider any other family for the position. Because of that, it is sometimes hard to separate the name of Rohart from the name of First Stone.

Current Living Rohart Family:

Ser Dalvor – Brother to Mathis; the retired Templar never took a wife, but he loves his brother’s family as though they were his own.

Bann Mathis – Having inherited the Bannship not long after having his first child, the responsibility of the land and its people rests on his shoulders. None — save perhaps his Lady — have ever heard a single complaint during his entire rule.

Lady Karalee – Coming from another long-standing bloodline (though, admittedly, a lot of First Stone bloodlines are long-standing), Karalee is the wife of Bann Mathis and the mother of three children — Durwald, Ariana, and Calder. In their choices lie the future and the well-being of First Stone and the Rohart bloodline.

Durwald – The eldest child of Mathis and Karalee, and rightful heir to First Stone, Durwald is very straightforward in his thinking. Though, perhaps, if you ask, some might correctly say that he is very straightforward in his charging, and only thinks later. A brutish fighter who has perfected the art of “fight first, fix things later.”

Ariana, a.k.a. “Ree” – The middle child of Mathis and Karalee. With her elder brother charging headlong into things, she took her own route and chose instead to learn the more subtle arts. Much more diplomatic and much more crafty, Ariana is everything her brother is not — and vice versa.

Calder – The youngest and (thus far?) last child of Mathis and Karalee. Seeing both his siblings take extremes, it might not be such a surprise that Calder strove to be the middle ground. Spending a lot of time under the tutelage of his uncle Dalvor, as well as learning from the Master of Hounds, Calder strives to be the best he can and to temper the flash of his blade with a careful and caring mind.

The Rohart Family

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