Tag: Rogue


  • Ralath Ellwood

    *Update 1:* *Ralath's Strange New Powers:* p{font-size: 75%;}. _*Vir Assan: the Way of the Arrow: Fly Straight and Do Not Waiver.*_ _Be swift and silent._ _Strike true, do not waver_ _And let not your prey suffer._ _That is …

  • Ariana "Ree" Rohart

    The middle child of Bann [[Mathis]] and Lady [[Karalee]], sister to [[:calder | Calder]]. She has shown a flair for the subtleties of negotiation. She has also shown a flair for the sneakier, stealthier machinations of a rogue. Mind your belongings. …

  • Lady Karalee Rohart

    Lady Karalee is strong, confident, and capable: everything that embodies a true-born of First Stone. No mother loves more fiercely, no protector stands so firey. _"Hah! No fine dresses for yer mum, pup! I still remember her on her wedding day, …

  • Daragen Ellwood

    A city elf taken under the wing of [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]]'s clan, she has proven her worth and joins the ranks of the hunters. Still, every now and again, her city upbringing rears its head. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._