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  • Pre-Game 4: Ralath

    Ralath sped through the woods with his hunt-brethren, [[:sommett | Sommett]] and [[:daragen-ellwood | Daragen]], trying to find tracks before the rains swept them away. Their target was not prey this night, but two of the clan’s children: [[:mariel- …

  • Sommett Ellwood

    A resolute, eagle-eyed elf, he is a hunt-brother to [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]]. Firm in his faith of their clan and the old ways, he is disdainful to and outright distrustful of humans. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Daragen Ellwood

    A city elf taken under the wing of [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]]'s clan, she has proven her worth and joins the ranks of the hunters. Still, every now and again, her city upbringing rears its head. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Mariel Ellwood

    Mariel, the elder of the two siblings, is First of [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]]'s clan. She is dutiful in learning the ways of the elves so that she might become the next Keeper. Not usually prone to bouts of recklessness, she's usually the quiet one, …

  • Turiel Ellwood

    One of the children in [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath's]] clan. Turiel -- no, really, he's a boy -- is brother to the clan's First, [[:mariel-ellwood | Mariel]] and is more known for causing trouble. Funny that, on this night of all nights, he is the ( …

  • Unnamed Human

    The spoiled "lordling" of a local village, angered by betrayal and fueled by alcohol, found his way into the woods and into the hunting path of [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]] and his party. There, he became the strangest (and perhaps most annoying) …

  • Wounded Elf

    The wounded elf found by [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath's]] clan. Ralath advised keeping the elf under watch in his own aravel, lest [[:mariel-ellwood | Mariel's]] nightmares prove to have some substance. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Tamarind Artavi

    A Dalish elf, Tamarind discovered the crew of the Black Lass while part of a trading party to a local settlement in Antiva. She had never seen the sea before and fell in love with it – and with a certain [[:andric | charming bard]]. The attitude of her …