Tag: Child


  • Daewar

    An elfin youth from First Stone who was discovered to have magic. Instead of escorting the child to the Circle, Calder saw the boy safely into the hands of the Dalish, much to the annoyance of his Templar uncle. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Mariel Ellwood

    Mariel, the elder of the two siblings, is First of [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath]]'s clan. She is dutiful in learning the ways of the elves so that she might become the next Keeper. Not usually prone to bouts of recklessness, she's usually the quiet one, …

  • Turiel Ellwood

    One of the children in [[:ralath-ellwood | Ralath's]] clan. Turiel -- no, really, he's a boy -- is brother to the clan's First, [[:mariel-ellwood | Mariel]] and is more known for causing trouble. Funny that, on this night of all nights, he is the ( …

  • Shandy

    The most powerful little girl the Circle has seen. Dreamer mages were thought to be all but gone, and yet this little girl slips into the Fade as easily as any well-practiced Mage. Tremendously promising...and tremendously dangerous. She is also the …