Tag: Calder


  • Shadow

    A young Lord's best friend, trusty confidant, and murderdog. Shadow has been with [[:calder | Calder]] for many, many years, and is always unswervingly loyal. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Bann Mathis Rohart

    A good and noble man, Bann Mathis tries to live each day with honor and to treat creatures not as their race demands, but as their soul does. Husband of [[:karalee | Lady Karalee]] and father to three children, each with their own distinct strengths. …

  • Astrid of First Stone

    A life-long friend of [[:calder | Calder]]'s (and, by extension, the Rohart Family). Eventually "upgraded" into Calder's lover when they were both of an age and interest. Born a commoner, over the years, she has developed into an excellent swordswoman …