Tag: Bennet


  • Pre-Game 2: Bennet

    Bennet had been following a lead, tracking down one of the bandits that had stolen the [[Arca]]. Heading south through the Korcari wilds, accompanied by four men loyal to the Chantry, he came upon a grizzly sight: a ruined campsite, littered with the …

  • Vahir and Asana

    The leaders of a small band of Chasind warriors. Having originally agreed to assist [[:bennet-of-ferelden | Bennett]] in finding the [[Arca | Arca]], they now pledge to see him gutted for running off with their daughter, [[:morette | Morette]]. h5. …

  • Morette

    A Chasind stalker, daughter of [[:vahir-and-asana | Vahir and Asana]]. Quietly rebellious, she has helped [[:bennet-of-ferelden | Bennett]] escape the wrath of her tribe, only to disappear once they reached safety. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Adrianna

    For now, little is known of Adrianna, aside from her name and the fact that she represents someone who may be able to assist our heroes. And she's got great taste in cloaks and masks. *Update 1:* Adrianna is a human servant of [[:enzo | Merchant …