Tag: Apostate


  • Deni Ellwood

    h5. Character Theme: _None yet._ *Update 1:* *Deni's Strange New Powers:* p{font-size: 75%;}. _*I Just Know*_ (3 + Cunning) times per day, you can know, for a certainty, whether someone is lying or not. No roll required. This lasts …

  • Kaira

    Free-spirited and determined, Kaira is one of [[:deni-ellwood | Deni]]'s best friends, and has been since childhood. They were discovered by Templars together, grew up in the Jainen Circle together, and now, following a horrible explosion, they have …

  • Callista

    A smirky, willful mage at the Jainen Circle, she was a good friend of [[:telan-of-denerim | Telan's]]. She orchestrated the escape from the Circle that led her and four other souls to possible freedom. h5. Character Theme: _None yet._

  • Jestin

    He should've been a bard, but the Maker had other plans for him. A good friend of Telan's from the Circle, he joined Callista as she escaped. We can only hope he made his way to Orlais, as he always dreamed, and is singing for the Empress. h5. …