Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Pre-Game 2: Bennet
One day, that will get you in trouble...

Bennet had been following a lead, tracking down one of the bandits that had stolen the Arca. Heading south through the Korcari wilds, accompanied by four men loyal to the Chantry, he came upon a grizzly sight: a ruined campsite, littered with the corpses of its owners.

The bandit he had been trailing was one of the unfortunate victims, but there was no sign of the Arca. Bennet did, however, discover a clue as to the attackers: a piece of an ornately sculpted wolf’s head, covered in blood. Knowing this to be a totem from a Chasind weapon, he and his group successfully tracked the nomads down.

Bennet questioned the leaders of the Chasind band and discovered that the Arca was not there. After earning a temporary alliance through the Chasind’s Rite of Valor, they agreed to take Bennet and his men to see their shaman, and together, they would hunt down the Arca.

That night, however, Bennet got a surprise visit from Morette, the daughter of the Chasind leaders. He tried to dissuade her from her attentions, knowing her to be unquestionably off limits and needing the assistance in the hunt for the Arca. Morette…did not listen.

Alas, they were discovered entangled, and the Chasind band turned from allies to sworn enemies. Bennet fled the Chasind, hand in hand with Morette, with his own men pursuing the pursuers.

They fled deeper into the Korcari Wilds, the light getting farther and farther away, until Morette was leading Bennet through pitch blackness, using her knowledge of the wilds to get them safely through.

Darkness gave way to a faint light, and Bennet found himself in a lovely grove; when he went to squeeze Morette’s hand, though, it was not there — she had disappeared, and he was alone in a strange, new place.

Session Music:

1. Dragon Age Origins OST: Enter the Korcari Wilds. Bennet follows a lead through the Korcari wilds, in search of the Arca.

2. Cirque du Soleil: Dralion: Bamboo. Bennet must prove his worth by fighting in a Rite of Valor.

3. Quest for Glory V Soundtrack: The Dance of Mystery and Intrigue. In the middle of the night, Morette sneaks into Bennet’s tent. Talking is not on the docket.

4. Trine 2 OST: Goblins Part 2. Angry Chasind Chase the Not-So-Chaste.

5. The Benny Hill Theme. When rolls go wrong, and the Chasind Chase Bennet’s men chasing Bennet and Morette. Hey, own the rolls, right?

Pre-Game 1: Calder
A Day In The Life...

Calder enjoyed the company of his childhood friend, Astrid, on her final day of living in First Stone. She would leave in the morning to live with her uncle in Denerim, and there pursue her dream of becoming a Knight.

Her celebratory dinner with the Rohart family was cut short by the arrival of a townsman towing an elfin youth. The boy, Daewar by name, had proven to possess magic, and that demanded that the boy be taken to the closest Circle.

Being the only Rohart child that didn’t have an agenda towards the treatment of mages, Calder took the duty of delivering Daewar, but not before insisting that the child and the mother have one last night together in the finery of Calder’s home. It was a shared and bittersweet dinner. In the morning, Astrid departed, gifted with a silver cloak clasp, and Calder began the journey to the Circle, accompanied by his ex-Templar uncle, Ser Dalvor.

When night fell and it was Calder’s turn to watch, Daewar approached and made a final plea: let him take his chances in the woods and try to find the Dalish. Moved by the plea (and already not liking the idea of separating child from mother), Calder helped the boy connect with the Dalish while the elder slept. He left the elves with a specially-marked silver coin saying that if they ever needed him, to call on him using that coin.

When Calder and Dalvor returned to First Stone, Calder had a mysterious letter waiting for him. When deciphered, it explained that his life was in danger, and all was not as it seemed. The letter encouraged him to trace the symbol on it, and when he did, he felt himself transported.

Session Music:

1. Last Exile OST: Workin’ on the Cloud In a simple corner of a simple land, two childhood friends grown into lovers enjoy one last spar before a departure. This music is very hard to find on Youtube; as such, no link here. Good luck!

2. Fullmetal Alchemist OST: Solitude. A small, intimate, and celebratory dinner turns even more wistful as not one farewell is being honored, but two.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist OST: Parting. In the early hours, two departures: Astrid to Denerim, and Calder to the Circle.

4. Wolf’s Rain OST: Night Owl. Once Dalvor is asleep, Daewar pleads in private with Calder. This music is very hard to find on Youtube; as such, no link here. Good luck!

5. John Williams – Harp Concerto ‘On Willows and Birches’ – Hobson-Pilot. A mysterious letter awaits Calder…


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