Teldin Mayhand

Navigator of the Black Lass


A quiet, studious sort, Teldin doesn’t speak much of himself. He does enjoy telling stories, though, to a level that almost compares with the bard, Andric. A lot of stories involve intrigue and people who are more than they seem to be. It is likely that several of his tales have been heard in the messdeck.

He will freely admit to being the lover and staunch supporter of Cap’n Bathia. Far more reluctantly, he will admit to being a bastard of the Mayhand family, a well-to-do family in Orlais. He had originally left Orlais as a brash young man intending to slander his family’s name, but age and time settled those angers. Finding Bathia and learning her desired code gave him a focus. He has been with Bathia for many years, being one of her original crew members, and has no intent on leaving.

Teldin Mayhand

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