Tamarind Artavi

Lookout and General Crewman on the Black Lass


A Dalish elf, Tamarind discovered the crew of the Black Lass while part of a trading party to a local settlement in Antiva. She had never seen the sea before and fell in love with it – and with a certain charming bard. The attitude of her tribe towards humans had been harsh, and their reaction to her desire for Andric was no kinder. She said her farewells to the Artavi tribe and joined the crew of the Black Lass, and since then, has enjoyed an adventure unlike any other.

Tamarind prefers the Crow’s Nest; it allows her a greater view of the sea around her and affords her a peace she could not have dreamed possible. It is also an excellent place for her to enjoy some quiet time or have a semi-private conversation.

Tamarind is all heart – thoughtful, kind, and a voice of reason when need be. She has been a part of the crew for about three years.

During the trip taking our Heroes from Antiva to Ferelden, it is perhaps unsurprising that both of the Dalish elves grew fond of Tamarind, forming warm friendships. This was especially true of Deni, who spent a lot of time up in the Crow’s Nest with her.

Character Theme:
Sarah Brightman: Hijo de la Luna

Tamarind Artavi

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