Ser Gale

Templar from the Jainen Circle


A Templar stationed at Jainen, he and his men have been doggedly hunting Deni and Kaira since the night of their escape. When he lay unconscious and gravely wounded, Kaira suggested killing him. Deni, however, decided to spare the Templar, going so far as to bring him to a healer.

He will not forget — for good or ill.

Character Theme:
None yet.

Update 1: Ser Gale, without his armor, has appeared in Deni’s dream in Session Four. Why wasn’t he in his armor? Was he undercover? Has he “gone rogue?” Too many questions. Where was this settlement?

Deni is pretty sure she was not supposed to ever see Ser Gale again, and yet, she has…

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Ser Gale

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