Khunda Ras

Ship's Mage of the Black Lass


Hailing from Tevinter, Khunda is among the ranks of the Laetans – the upper-middle social class – having been born a mage into a family that had never previously shown magical promise. Khunda has been on the ship for about two years. It seems that he’s not going anywhere, as he takes a quiet pleasure from the “lessons” the captain enforces on their victims.

Having studied magic for years, Khunda felt it time to take his knowledge to the world. He is fascinated with ancient and magical artifacts throughout history. He has a passion for them and, if possible, wants to dedicate his life to recovering and studying them. His luck, though, has been awful; every trail he follows leads to a dead end. For the time being, he has thrown his lot in with Bathia. Perhaps among her travels, they can find another thread for Khunda to follow – maybe this time, backed up by a team.

Khunda Ras

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