Lady Karalee Rohart

Confident, fiery Lady of First Stone


Lady Karalee is strong, confident, and capable: everything that embodies a true-born of First Stone. No mother loves more fiercely, no protector stands so firey.

“Hah! No fine dresses for yer mum, pup! I still remember her on her wedding day, keeping everyone waitin’ until the last. She burst into the main hall not in her white gown and veil, but still in her riding furs, streaked with mud and smellin’ of horse filth and sweat. Y’see, first she’d helped old Gander down the way with his cart; got caught in the mud. Then she helped Miss Fandyre out with her foalin’ mare. And like t’weren’t enough, on the way home goin’ through the square, she caught a thief trying to pull from Grey Eddie’s fruit stand! Hah! Yer dad couldn’t get through the ceremony fast enough to pull ’er to bed. Said she never looked more beautiful.” -Trint Matheson, Master of Hounds at First Stone

Character Theme:
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Lady Karalee Rohart

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