The Impossible Made Possible. And Cute.


Gryphons used to fly the skies and serve as loyal mounts to the Grey Wardens. Sadly, the Blight corrupted the last known gryphon, and they are widely known to be extinct.

…and then there’s Fal’on. Technically, he shouldn’t exist. But here he is, all the same. A baby gryphon stowing away – for now – in Kaira’s backpack, another fugitive from the Jainen Circle. He was discovered locked away in a hidden room of the mage towers. Was he an experiment? Was he being studied?

Free-spirited and mouthy — kind of like Kaira herself.

Named by Deni; “fal’on” is the Dalish word for “friend.”

Character Theme:
None yet.


Dragon Age: Seven Devils Witchwater