Chayand of Whitebricks

First Mate of the Black Lass


First Mate of the Black Lass.

Playful, sassy, and quick to laugh, Chayand will happily tell anyone that she is living her dream. She grew up in one of the smaller bannorns in Ferelden, the brightest (and eldest) child of three – something she shares in common with Bathia, though they are not related. Her family – and indeed, her entire community, had been preparing her for a life of academics. All she had wanted, though, was to fly away – and being unable to fly, the ocean was the next best thing. She ran away from home and found her way to the sea – and into Bathia’s good graces.

Chay has been a part of Bathia’s crew for years, and is convinced that one day, when Bathia retires, Chay will become captain of the Black Lass. She’s in no hurry, though; life is pretty sweet the way it is.

People will find her very open, and not at all shy. No topic is off-limits for her, except for one: prying about her feelings for Andric. She loves Tamarind like a sister and would never dream of stepping in on what the elf and the bard have going. And if anyone presses further than that, they’re likely to get a fist to the face.

Chayand of Whitebricks

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