Calder Rohart

Youngest son of Bann Rohart and accidental heir of First Stone


The youngest son of Bann Mathis Rohart, a local and well-respected man. He has spent his life in the shadow of his two elder siblings, Durwald and Ariana. Free to choose his own path in life, he has spent much of his time with the master of the hounds and his uncle, a retired templar with a bum leg.

Goals: Furthering the life of his family while also aiding anyone in genuine trouble. He has an interest in the Templars.

Ties: He has bonded closely with his Mabari, Shadow. He also takes his duties as a noble seriously.

Notable Relationships:
The Rohart Family

Character Themes:

1. AcousticLabs: Promentory – The Last of the Mohicans (Cover).

2. Mychael & Jeff Dana Defeat Of The Red Branch.

Update 1:

Calder’s Strange New Powers:

Sphere of Protection
(3+Willpower) times per day, you can surround a person with a protective bubble. It lasts 1d3 rounds. During these rounds, the protected party is immune to melee or projectile attacks, but can still be affected by area spells. This can be dismissed.

Calder Rohart

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