Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session Two

Things that make you go "HUH??"

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…


…They had dealt with Inda’s murderer and found themselves in what they could only guess was a tomb. The further they explored it, the more bodies they found – caught in traps, or seemingly killed by each other. The only remaining living creature was Shadow, Calder’s mabari war hound, and he remained doggedly silent.

(I’m sorry for that.)

(Kind of.)

About half of the bodies our heroes discovered were strangely familiar to them – allies of Inda, they supposed – and thus potentially (ex) allies of themselves. From the way the bodies were scattered, one could guess that these allies had been trying to keep the other party – whoever those strangers in dark leather were – away from where our heroes had been sleeping.

As reverently as possible, our heroes re-equipped themselves with the remnants of the fallen’s supplies. Even Inda’s body was searched, although the most interesting thing was a small charm — a luck charm that Telan felt important, and thus held onto.

As they neared the entrance of the cave, they discovered bad news: there were more of the mysterious, dark-armored men just outside. Not flinching from what most would deem impossible odds, our heroes pressed forward and engaged the enemy.

The battle was long and bloody, but not without its own mysteries: Ralath discovered he had an almost-supernatural ability to focus in on his prey. Bennet discovered he had the power to create, materializing the exact item he needed to help the group.

The battle was broken by Bennet, who triggered the remains of a cave-in trap to shut away the remainder of the armored men. As they retreated, rocks crashed noisily from the ceiling: one fell straight onto Telan – and straight through him as he instinctually triggered a power he hadn’t known he could control. Similarly, a boulder came crashing towards Deni; Calder reflexively reacted, summoning a protective shield of light to keep the elf safe.

Needing to find another way out, our heroes discovered a secret passage into an entirely different part of the cavern. This section of the cavern was carefully sculpted in a strange, white stone. This was, they discovered, a secret, sacred tomb once belonging to ancient elves practicing Uthenera, the endless sleep. Nothing remained of the ancients now.

As they continued the exploration of the tombs, they learned a strange secret: hidden away, an archway sculpted into the wall, with elvish writing. Deni had found an artifact that seemed to want to interact with it – a smooth stone with the elfin rune for “Travel” on it.


In elven:

Melava inan enansal
ir su araval tu elvaral
u na emma abelas
in elgar sa vir mana
in tu setheneran din emma na

Lath sulevin
lath araval ena
arla ven tu vir mahvir
melana ‘nehn
enasal ir sa lethalin


Time was once a blessing
but long journeys are made longer
when alone within.
Take spirit from the long ago
but do not dwell in lands no longer yours.

Be certain in need,
and the path will emerge
to a home tomorrow
and time will again
be the joy it once was.

They decided to explore the remainder of the caverns before trying to solve this puzzle, and came upon a web-filled room littered with the bodies of spiders – and the half-webbed body of yet another strangely-familiar face. As they prepared to tend to her body, they spotted one giant spider, hidden on the ceiling.

They prepared for battle…

To Be Continued!

GM’s Extras:

At the end of each adventure summary, I will link to the characters whose information has been updated due to the actions of our heroes. For example:

Notable Character Updates:


Session Music:

1. World of Warcraft Soundtrack: Felwood.: Our heroes explore the twists and turns of the cave in which they’ve awakened. Along the way, they meet fallen foes, all garbed in dark leathers, as well as fallen…friends?

2. Wolf’s Rain OST: Tsume no suna: Ralath discovers he has a supernatural ability within himself, as his enemy snaps into sharp focus and his arrow flies true! This music is very hard to find on Youtube; as such, no link here. Good luck!

3. Fez Soundtrack: Adventure: Bennet finds himself in dire need of a small, wooden bolt, and most wondrously, it grows into being, called to his hand from will alone!

4. Tron Legacy Soundtrack: The Son of Flynn: Bennet’s cave-in comes crashing down, crushing the enemy, but nearly crushing Telan! Reflexively, something triggers in the Circle Mage, and as he stumbles forward, a rock drops onto — and through him!

5. ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2’ OST: I’m Spider Man: Telan is not the only one in danger! Deni, too far into the cave-in, is about to be crushed! Calder’s need to protect his friends manifests in a wondrous shield of Light, and the gentle elf-girl is unharmed.

6. Dragon Age: Origins OST: Leliana’s Song (Cover by Malukah). The strange, white chamber that likely once housed ancient elves practicing Uthenera, the endless dream of the elders.

7. Blade Runner OST: Rachel’s Song The strange, hidden archway sculpted into the stone. It has its own theme! It must be important!



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