Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session Three

In Which Our Heroes Make a Splash!

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…

…they had battled the tremendous spider and its children, and figured out the key to the mysterious stone gateway that seemed to be the only way out of the caverns.

Before activating the strange portal, they laid the bodies of their comrades to rest as best they could. It seemed strange to burn them, as was typical tradition; instead, their comrades were set carefully upon the white stone of the elven chambers, and prayers said above their bodies.

Stepping through the portal, they found themselves in a misty, grey ruin of what had been a sprawling courtyard. Strange gateways of stone and wood stood here, with no walls attached. Most of the gateways had been cracked, blackened, or otherwise non-functioning, but they found one archway that seemed promising.


Stepping through the active archway, our heroes found themselves underwater! As they sputtered to the surface, they realized that they had materialized in a man-made canal, set right in the middle of an Antivan city:


The city was a’bustle, bright and colorful and festive; everyone was wearing costumes and masks, vendors sang their wares, and competitions challenged passers-by. Bennet, having traveled here throughout his artistic fame, recognized it as the grand festival of Satinalia.

Ralath did not hesitate; he began to pick the pockets of the citizens he passed. Calder, meanwhile, arm-wrestled a local competitor and won some spending money. With their winnings, they bought robes for Telan, as he had given Deni the only robes they’d found in the tomb. Turning their attention to masks, then, to fit in as well as they could, they were interrupted by a woman in a gold mask.

Her name was Adrianna, and she represented someone who could assist them – at the very least, with masks; clearly our heroes were not from around here. Having little else by way of a lead, our heroes followed Adrianna; as they traveled, Ralath surreptitiously “dropped” the gate key-stone into the canal, in case their host was unfriendly.

Adrianna, chatting Deni up the entire way, led our heroes to a grand, shining estate…

To Be Continued!

Session Music:

1. Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundrack: Carnevale Music 1: It’s party time in Antiva! But then again, when is it not?



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