Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session Six

Wherein alliances are forged, and Might Scares the Pants Offa People

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…

…They had decided that the injustices served to House Da’Finescu were inexcusable, and not only would they save the life of Alonse, but they would firmly – and violently, if need be – see to it that those wrongs were righted. After playing out their mission and sending a missive to the chantry with Prince Enzo’s letter, they left the Jester and Cup. One last, quick stop was made, during which Alonse sent word to one of his contacts to secure a ship for our heroes in Seleny – in case a quick getaway was needed.

With those errands done, our heroes (plus one) high-tailed it back to Seleny. Joya Da’Finescu was delighted to see her brother returned safely, and agreed to hide him in the brothel until the heroes finished their tasks.

A visit to Princess Violetta Arzan came next; she was all too happy to pledge her assistance to overthrow Prince Enzo. Some special trade agreements between her house and Alonse’s sweetened the deal for her, as did additional knowledge about the Eluvian. She revealed that she had come into possession of the key that Ralath had “dropped”, and despite the group’s insistence that she really didn’t want to explore it, she seemed determined. The Eluvian, though, did not open for her; apparently, the key was a one-way item.

With proof of Enzo’s scheming in hand, our heroes then paid a visit to House d’Matteucci. Briefly meeting Enzo’s sister, Vatalia, things quickly degraded. She screamed for the guards, and they burst in!

Calder sheathed his sword and proceeded to talk three of the seven guards down. To the others, he made quite an example: in a tremendous show of raw strength and power, he slammed his fist into the face of the first guard to engage him…and in one blow, knocked him out.

They were left alone immediately.

Finding their way to Enzo’s room, they found the mewling Prince and forced a confession out of him. Through careful use of Deni’s power (and an arrow in the gut courtesy of Ralath), they successfully questioned the Prince and discovered for a fact what they’d known all along: that Prince Enzo was a douche.

In one last flash of douchebaggery, Enzo tried to throw a poisoned knife at Bennet, but Calder interfered. Summoning his protective circle around the artist, the dagger pinged harmlessly away.

Enzo was delivered into the “tender” care of Princess Violetta, and not long after, Vatalia d’Matteucci joined him. It seemed that our heroes had, indeed, saved the day!

To Be Continued!

GM’s Extras:

Notable Character Updates:
Merchant Prince Enzo d’Matteucci
Merchant Princess Violetta Arzan
Alonse Da’Finescu
Joya Da’Finescu

Session Music:

1. Jocelyn Pook: Her Gentle Spirit In the lovely home of Princess Violetta Arzan, our heroes make deals. She is all too happy to help the gentler House Da’finescu retake its familial home and get rid of House D’Matteucci. And she gets some trade deals in the process.

2. Assassin’s Creed 2 OST: Venice Fight. Our heroes kick down the doors and intimidate the guards of House D’Matteucci. Prince Enzo tries to poison one of our heroes, and only ends up embarrassing himself.

3. Quest for Glory V OST: The Great Hall of Kings. Our heroes have won the day! Alonse Da’Finescu has been returned to his home, the family saved from a potentially terrible fate, and House d’Matteucci is on its way to a slice of humble pie and a taste of its own medicine.



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