Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session Seven

Wherein our Heroes finally start the journey home!

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…

…They were preparing to finally leave Antiva. One thing had to happen first, though: they wanted their stone key back from Princess Violetta.

In the early hours of the morning, Telan stole away and visited the princess. An agreement was reached: the princess would keep the stone and our heroes would be allowed to use the gate, exploring the realm beyond and reporting back with her men.

Unfortunately, even after the rest of our heroes were summoned, the key did not seem to work. No matter how they tried it, the door would not open to this key. All the same, they arranged for the key to be swapped out with a duplicate, so at the very least, our heroes still physically had the key.

Somewhat deflated, our heroes stuck with the original plan: to meet up with Alonse’s friend, Bathia, and gain free passage on her ship. The journey would take a little over a month if the winds were fair, and Bathia seemed confident that the winds would be going their way.

Stopping only to get some extra supplies for the trip, our heroes soon boarded and, at long last, they left Antiva’s shores.

Life on board the ship was exciting to some, hum-drum to others, and a necessary evil to others still, but the more time our heroes spent on board, the more they came to understand the crew of the Black Lass, as well as some of the other passengers Bathia had taken aboard (much to Bennet’s chagrin)…

To Be Continued!

GM’s Extras:
Special Note: Since we ghosted over a lot of the time spent on the Black Lass, I put up some information about each crew member when I posted their pictures. Players decided how much time their character has spent with which NPC, and how much they’ve learned of the details there. The short version: this is a good crew, and a good ship, and all PCs are treated well. The crew is neither formal nor rude, but are a very comfortable lot; they’ll give as good as they get.

Quick-Ref page for the crew is here!

Session Music:

1. Toad the Wet Sprocket – Walk on the Ocean Our heroes are introduced to the crew of the Black Lass.

2. E.S. Posthumus – Nara The Black Lass sets gently off on her voyage, and the shimmering shore of Antiva is left behind, a shimmering sea ahead.



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