Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Session One

"What if everything around you wasn't quite as it seems?"

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…


…They had found themselves drawn, one by one, into a mysterious glade. Some recognized each other from shared pasts; yet others were total strangers.

None of them, though, recognized the sad-eyed elf that appeared before them. She, however, knew all of them, and spoke to them as though they knew her. More than that; she spoke as though they were all part of…something.

Things had gone sour, she explained. Marion was killed, and the rest of their group was scattered. She did not know who was capturing them, but it had taken her a long time to find and gather even those few assembled. There were more missing, she knew, but could not find them yet.

When our heroes made it clear that they did not know the elf, she re-introduced herself as Inda. She continued to explain: the group had been trapped in the Fade, and whoever had done it had placed extra layers of enchantments over them as they slept. Inda would have to perform a series of rituals in order to break the enchantment properly before freeing anyone, or risk triggering consequences the likes of which she did not understand.

She then turned to Telan and addressed him quietly, directly. “I am so, so sorry,” she said. “I know you would never condone this, but it is the only w—“

Her voice stopped mid-sentence and she dropped to the ground, dead. With her death, the glade began to dissipate, and our heroes found themselves violently yanked from this place to…nobody knew where.


They sat up, dressed only in their smallclothes and covered in a fine layer of dust, tucked neatly into the alcoves of an ancient tomb. As they rose, strange, gold coins fell from their eyes and crumbled into nothingness, although their weight felt as though they were still present.

A man in dark leather armor was dragging poor Inda’s body away unceremoniously; as he heard our heroes shifting, he turned, panicked. “You’re not supposed to be awake yet!”

No one hesitated. Rocks were grabbed. Fists were aimed. Spells were fired off. Five against one, even unarmed, was not a fair fight, and within a few scant seconds, the man was downed.

Our heroes were in the middle of a place they did not know, with people who they didn’t know – or did they? There were two bodies they needed to decide how to handle, and many, many questions to be answered…

To Be Continued!

Session Music:

1. Nine Inch Nails- Right Where It Belongs v2 Our heroes are all gathered and it is revealed that they are trapped in the Fade, victims of a very powerful series of enchantments. I do encourage you to read the lyrics on this song!

2. Nine Inch Nails- Right Where It Belongs Remix. Rubbing dust from their eyes, our heroes watch as the body of Inda — potentially their only ally in this world — is dragged away by a man in dark leathers.

GM’s Extras:

I was very close to using another piece of music for Inda’s introduction to the group, especially considering who and what she turned out to be. Amy Lee’s voice plus some key concepts here (“you forgot me long ago,” “even though I’m the sacrifice you won’t try for me, not now,” etc.) made for her perfect, tragic intro. In the end, I’m happy with the decision, opting instead for the ambience and the quiet questions of Nine Inch Nails. I feel NIN was way more situational and less focused on one character. :)
Unplayed Song: Evanescence: Missing



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