Dragon Age: Seven Devils

Pre-Game 3: Deni

No rest for the wicked...

Having been constantly on the move to avoid the Templars tracking them, it came as no surprise to Deni that they had found her yet again. Fleeing hand-in-hand with her dearest friend Kaira, they ran further into the woods to try to shake their pursuer.

The land itself seemed to be on their side; just as it seemed inevitable that Ser Gale would catch up with them, the slight incline in the land became steep and treacherous. The girls were able to dive out of the way and remain on high ground; Ser Gale was not so lucky. The loud CRACK when he landed was followed by silence.

Upon investigation, Ser Gale was found to be alive, but seriously wounded. Kaira took the opportunity to frisk the Templar (and deliver a swift kick to him); she discovered the phylactery he was using to track one of them and destroyed it.

Deni and Kaira discussed their options: they could kill Ser Gale and be done with him. They could leave him alone in the woods — which was as good as killing him. They could bring him with them to the village they had been planning to visit, and leave him there with a medic.

In the end, Deni chose to save Ser Gale and take him with them to the village. They bound his wounds as best they could and carried him as far as the night would take them.

They set up camp eventually, and reviewed their plans while their newly-freed secret, Fal’on, the baby gryphon, was given some time to roam around, free from the confines of the satchel he was hidden in. Kaira and Deni agreed to stick with their newest plan: to go to the Korcari Wilds. There, they would make the woods their home, and use the superstitions regarding the Chasind and the Witches of the Wild to their advantage. Hopefully, none would ever bother them again. They celebrated briefly — with the destruction of the phylactery, the reality of them being free became more possible than ever!

They successfully handed Ser Gale over to the medic in the local village. While there, Kaira restocked their supplies while Deni found herself being wooed by a local vendor. As a thank-you for seeing to the wounds of the “stranger” they brought with them, the vendor gifted Deni with a lovely pendant.

Finally free from Templar pursuit, the girls continued their travels southward, into the Korcari Wilds. Their journey was unhindered, and they set up camp for the night.

Strangely, when night fell, Deni’s necklace started to glow as she paced around on watch; it would glow stronger when she faced one direction, and fainter when she turned to another. Intrigued by this, she showed it to Kaira…but Kaira could not see it glowing at all!

Deni studied the necklace over the next few nights, until one night, as she studied it, Fal’on gave a screech and bolted into the woods.

The girls chased the baby gryphon through the dark. As it got more and more difficult to see, both Deni and Kaira thought they saw Fal’on bolt in a different direction; they split up so as not to lose the gryphon, potentially the last of its kind.

As Deni ran, it became so difficult to see that she was running blind; she focused on her hearing and continued to run.

When next she opened her eyes, she found herself in a new place…

Session Music:

1. E.S. Posthumus: Tikal. RUN!” The very start of Deni’s solo game began with a shout! Ser Gale is the only one able to keep up with the ladies, and that does not end well for him…

2.Trine 2 OST: Icewarden Keep. The necklace gifted to Deni starts to glow and pull.



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