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Some quick notes before you dive in:


Our heroes find themselves in the year 9:35 Dragon – four years after the Fifth Blight was stopped by Aedan Cousland’s brave self-sacrifice, and two years before what would be the destruction of the Kirkwall chantry. King Alistair Theirin sits the throne and continues to rebuild Denerim and its lands. Recovering from the Blight will not be easy, but the people of Thedas are strong and have survived thus far.

Your Thedas vs My Thedas vs Canon Thedas

There will be differences, of course, between the story I’d planned and the games you may have played, as well as the games and revelations that are considered canon. I had started planning this story in 2014, before Inquisition was released, and so, while some of the places and topics may be familiar, do not be surprised when it doesn’t match canon (for example, the Eluvians).


This story is going to touch on a lot of themes, and not all of them may be comfortable for outside readers. Thedas is a “dark fantasy” world, and while it is not my intent (nor, would I argue, does it make for an engaging story) to go gruesome, there will be points that may make you squeamish. I do not shy from any story options willingly, unless my players have indicated that it makes them uncomfortable. Consider yourself warned.

Where Do I Start?

I suggest that you either familiarize yourself with our PCs under the “Characters” tab to the left, or dive right in to the Adventure Log — again, to the left. Each character has one pre-game all to themselves before jumping in to the action on Session Zero. I would read ’em all! There are links to the appropriate PCs and NPCs.

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Artwork Contributions
Sadly, a lot of the artwork I used in this campaign was gathered a long time ago, using Google, before I’d thought to track the sources. I absolutely want to make sure any artists get the credit for the beautiful work! So please, if you see your art on these campaign pages and are okay with me using it, let me know so I can credit you! And also, of course, if you do not want me using this art, please please let me know as well and I will take it down immediately!